What happened at the Technology Investment Meeting TIM2023?

Previous Next The 5th technology investment meeting TIM2023 was held on February 27 and 28 at the Pardis Technology Park, Tehran province. The opening ceremony was held with following speeches: First, Ambassador Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam the head of the D-8. Second, Dr. Ruhollah Dehghani Vice President of Science Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy and The Head […]

Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2023) Event

Previous Next The 5th Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2023) will be held in Tehran Pardis Technology Park on February 27-28. TIM2023 is an international event with the aim of attracting capital to accelerate knowledge-based companies and startups, and also attract investors from member countries of the “D-8”, the group of eight Islamic developing countries. In […]

Foreign investors to participate in TIM 2023 in Tehran

Previous Next Director of the Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) Milad Sadrkhanlou says that the TIM 2023 event will be held in the coming days with the participation of foreign investors from different countries. Saying that so far, 4 technology exchange events have been held between D8 countries, Milad Sadrkhanlou stated that TIM 2023 is scheduled […]

Our Most Sincere Condolences…

  D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8 TTEN) Secretariat is to express its deepest sorrow for the earthquake disaster that took place last night in Türkiye. We offer our condolences to the Turkish people for the loss of life and destruction of livelihoods. Our thoughts are with the victims of this natural disaster. We […]

Online Coordination Meeting of the Focal Points of the High Council of the D-8 TTEN

Previous Next The High Council Meeting (HCM) of D-8 TTEN has been held virtually with the presence of all D-8 TTEN focal points. According the public relations of Pardis Technology Park, officials of the D-8 TTEN secretariat accompanied by the representatives of the member countries of the D-8 TTEN -including Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, […]

The Technology Transfer Award 2022 was jointly awarded to an Iranian and a Malaysian company

Previous Next The technology transfer project award between the companies of eight developing Islamic countries known as D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation in Ankara, the capital of Turkiye, was jointly awarded to the Iranian knowledge-based company producing machinery and nanofibers and a Malaysian company. Responding to the Iran Press question, the Head of the Iran […]

5th Technology Investment Meeting

The technology investment meeting (TIM2023) is an international event with the aim of attracting capital to accelerate Knowledge-based companies, Startups and other investees from member countries of the “D-8”, Group of Eight Islamic Developing Countries. The fifth round of the meeting hosted by “Pardis” Technology Park will be held on February 26th and 27th. This […]

Technology Transfer Award 2022

The Technology Transfer and Exchange Network of the D-8 organization for Economic Cooperation countries Known as D-8 TTEN was initiated in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh based on the ratification made at the third Industrial Ministers Meeting of the D-8 Member countries and its secretariat was established at Pardis Technology Park in the Islamic Republic of […]