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To foster the growth of the technology market among member nations, the D-8 TTEN Secretariat has organized business technology meetings. During these meetings, companies, institutions, associations, and partners are encouraged to engage in B2B negotiations, introducing their respective needs and capabilities to one another. The second part of the BTM involves a meeting of business sector activists, which provides an opportunity for companies from member nations to negotiate technology deals and make necessary adaptations.

With the participation of more than 70 scientists and international high tech companies, this event includes:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Company Reverse Pitch
  • Introducing international investment opportunities
  • International B2B Sessions

A one-day in person conference with:

– Inspiring keynotes from some of D-8’s best early stage investors.

– Inclusive roundtable discussions where you can have your voice heard.

– Reverse Pitches from some of D-8’s most promising startups, raising seed and series A rounds.

– Networking opportunities and good times with new and old friends.

Who can apply:

  • High-tech companies in the fields of Renewable Energies & Environment, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence

  • Companies interested in expanding their market internationally


What we Offer:

  • Supporting the presence of companies in the BTM2023 event
  • Access to networking area and possibility of 1-1 matchmaking meetings facilitated by D-8 BTM

In order to facilitate the exchange of technology and the expansion of the market for technological products among member countries, the D-8 TTEN Secretariat proposed the idea of arranging targeted gatherings between nations, focusing on specific areas of demand. Subsequently, the Secretariat formulated a plan to implement these meetings, encompassing their content and operational framework. The meetings are organized based on the identification of the desired domain by the host country and the representative or designated agent of the network in that country. Once the subject matter has been confirmed, companies and advocates in the designated field are invited to participate in the network's business gathering, where they can engage in negotiations with their counterparts from other member countries to establish collaborative partnerships.

The 1st BTM was hosted by The Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Bangladesh, as the national coordination organization of the network. The meeting was held in Dhaka, and the field of biotechnology, specifically biopharmaceutical and biosimilar technologies and products, was selected after careful investigation. The main focus of the meeting was to introduce technologies and companies, which led to agreements and cooperation between companies in various fields.


The 2nd BTM was hosted by Iran's International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX2018), in July 2018, Tehran, Iran, in the renewable energy sector. Representatives from Iran, Nigeria, and Malaysia attended this gathering. A keynote speech and a panel discussion were held in addition to the business presentations in order to increase the Meeting's appeal to the Member States. The panelists discussed the importance of startups and SMEs in boosting the technology transfer of renewable energy while introducing the initiatives undertaken by associated entities to develop startups and SMEs in the field of renewable energy. Following the meeting's speakers' part, businesses from Iran and Nigeria showcased their current projects and products to the attendees.


The 3rd BTM was held by The Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund in Tehran, Iran, in the fields of mining and metal industries in December 2021, both in person and online. Eight foreign companies from the D-8 group's member nations—Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan—as well as guests from other nations—Iraq and Kyrgyzstan—presented their investment interests and technological requirements at this event. The other section of this event featured 12 top startups from the D-8 group member countries showcasing their skills. As planned, negotiations and B2B sessions between the suppliers and customers of technology were held alongside this event.

Our Vision
Our objective is to establish a global Islamic platform that fosters innovation and sustainability rooted in Islamic culture, with a particular focus on Islamic countries, including those within the D-8 organization.

Our Mission

– Identifying specific technology sectors that require attention in each country.
– Establishing a platform for influential individuals within relevant communities to convene and exchange ideas, facilitating mutual support for business growth.
– Facilitating the negotiation and formation of agreements between technology companies.
– Establishing a network that brings together ventures, investors, business angels, private equity funds, fundraisers, family offices, asset and wealth managers from all countries.

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