“Technology Transfer Award” , TTA 2021, will be held by the D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network Secretariat (located in Pardis Technology Park) on 13th December, 2021 in Turkey. During the ceremony, the best technology transfer contract nominated to the secretariat will be awarded by the D-8 Secretary General and the the D8-TTEN secretary.
Nominated contracts should be signed within a time frame from 1st January, 2020 to 1st December, 2021; and contractors must be from D-8 and/or OIC countries. Contracts should abide by a technology transfer method and all science and technology fields are included.
Interested organizations and companies can directly register through https://d8tten.org/technology-transfer-award/ until 20 November, 2021. For further details, please contact us at tta@d8tten.org or +98 937-068-3015 (WhatsApp or phone call).

The idea of awarding “The Best Technology Transfer Contract” was suggested at the second Supreme Council Meeting of the network in Nigeria in 2014 and was ratified by the representatives of the D-8 member countries, to be supported by Pardis Technology Park as the D-8 TTEN Secretariat in order to encourage D-8 member countries to have closer collaboration in the technology transfer process.

The award is objected to:

  • Motivate activists in Islamic States for technology transfer
  • Encourage Islamic States to increase interrelated cooperation
  • Stimulate organizations, companies, etc to have a constructive cooperation with each other.

The first round of D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award to the best technology transfer in 2015 was part of the programs of D-8 TTEN secretariat implemented in 2016. Candidate contracts from Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon and KSA nominated their contracts to the Secretariat.

Scoring the contracts process was started at the end of nomination process and the contract signed between Iranian and Malaysian companies in the field of biopharmaceutical was selected as the best nominated contract of 2015.

This round of award for 2021 will be held by Pardis Technology Park (D-8 TTEN Secretariat) by mid-December in Turkey, and the best technology transfer contract nominated to the secretariat will be honored by D-8 TTEN.

D-8 TTEN with financial assistance of I. R. Iran has planned the following items as the award:

  • Award Certificate and Statue for both the Technology Provider and Recipient (signed by Secretary General of D-8 Organization & Secretary of D-8 TTEN);
  • Facilitating the winner companies to participate in one of Islamic States technology oriented events;
  • Facilitating the winner companies with free attendance in award ceremony by providing ticket fare and hotel;
  • Proposing the signed contract as a project to be financed by one of donating entities in Islamic States such as Islamic Development Bank, etc.

General conditions for nominated contracts are:

  • The contract should be signed within a time frame from 1st January, 2020 to 1st December, 2021.
  • The nominated technology transfer contract must be signed between a D-8 member country and OIC member country
  • The contract should abide by one of the technology transfer methods. Also, the contract’s selling product should have its unique features
  • All the science and technology fields are included.

Special conditions drawn for scoring the contracts include:

  • Financial amount of the nominated contract;
  • Parties commitments progress;
  • RoR of investment.

Organizations and Companies can directly register in through this online registration form until 20 November, 2021; and contact at tta@d8tten.org for further.

Technology Transfer Award Application Form

General Information-I

Technology Provider
Contact person's information

General Information-II

Technology Recipient
Contact person's information

Technical Information

Note: required documents to be attached:
1-Filled Technology Offer Form and Technology Request Form;
2-Copy of the Patent of the Transferred Technology (if, it has been patented);
3-Technology Transfer Contract;
4-Other related docs.