Foreign investment promotion and protection act (FIPPA)

Foreign investment Promotion and protection act

PART 1 Definitions The terms and expressions used in this Act shall have the following meanings: Act: The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act. Foreign Investor: Non-Iranian natural and/or juridical persons or Iranians using capital with foreign origin, who have obtained the Investment Foreign Capital: Various types of capital, whether in cash and/or in-kind, imported […]


what investors want

What Investors Want: Four basic points that we can learn from this article and the examples the guiding principles of investment decision making are: 1- more benefits, in the form of profits or cash flow, are preferred to less 2- near-term benefits are preferred to more distant benefits 3- safe investments are preferred to risky […]

D-8 Workshop on International Investment Agreements Reform

“Workshop for D-8 Countries on International Investment Agreements Reform for Sustainable Development” jointly organized by D-8 Secretariat and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TIKA) was held from 12-13 September, 2019 in D-8 Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Leading experts […]