Digital trade between Indonesia, Philippines must be strengthened

Digital trade between Indonesia, Philippines must be strengthened

Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi has called for the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and the Philippines in the field of digital trade, saying digital economic opportunities must be utilized for community welfare through fair trade. Jakarta is a member of D-8 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND EXCHANGE NETWORK (d8tten). Digital economic opportunities can provide benefits and advantages […]

Serba Dinamik ventures into space technology

    Serba Dinamik ventures into space technology Datuk Dr Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah KUALA LUMPUR is a member of D-8 TECHNOLIGY TRANSFER AND EXCHANGE NETWORK (d8tten).  Serba Dinamik  Holdings Bhd’s venture into space technology is driven by a socio-economic cause, said managing director and group chief executive officer on June 30, Datuk Dr Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah. He said the group’s […]

Transmission Electron Microscope

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    Transmission Electron Microscope : Borders of Microscopy Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) use a particle beam of electrons to visualize small size objects and generate a highly-magnified image. TEMs can magnify up to 2 million times. In order to get a better idea of just how small that is, think of how small a […]


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    EEG and EMG : Non-Invasive Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment Biomedical signals are electrical signals acquired from any organ during its physical or mental activities. This signals are normally function of time and are describable in terms of their amplitudes, frequencies and phases. Electroencephalography (EEG) shows the state of the brain i.e. about […]

Electrosurgery generator units


Importance of Using Electrosurgical Units (ESU) in Surgical Operation Electrosurgery generator units (ESU) The concept of using heat as a form of therapy and treatment to stop bleeding has been used for centuries. This was initially known as thermal cautery where tissues were burnt by thermal heat, including steam or hot metal with the intention […]

Oxyn-2 Anesthesia Machine

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Surgery, Anesthesia, Safety : Importance of Anesthesia Machine in Medicine WTG Morton first public demonstration ether as an anesthetic agent was in 1846, for many years anesthesiologists there was no need for a machine to deliver anesthesia to the patients. After the introduction of oxygen and nitrous oxide in the form of compressed gases in […]

Technology and Innovation the Fastest Growing Knowledge-Based Economy: The President

    Technology and Innovation the Fastest Growing Knowledge-Based Economy: The President On Thursday, the president (Dr. Arif Alwi) said:” the fastest way for Pakistan to emerge as a knowledge-based economy is to promote IT-based entrepreneurship”. “Innovation and emerging technologies together can create new prospects for development and prosperity for Pakistan,” the president said at […]

Ventilator, a Machine to decrease respiratory problems

    Ventilator, a Machine to decrease respiratory problems Nowadays, due to the industrialization of societies, the percentage of respiratory problems has increased. The lung is the internal organ most vulnerable to infection and injury from the external environment because of its constant exposure to particles, chemicals and infectious organisms in ambient air. Globally, at […]

TIM2021 Technology Investment Meeting was held at Azadi Innovation Factory in Tehran

The D8 organization with the aim of joint technological cooperation between Iran and eight Islamic countries (one of the members of TIM2021 event) was held on February 17 and 18, 2016, at Azadi Innovation Factory in Tehran. The event participated by investors and innovators from around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh, Turkey, […]

One of the companies of Pardis Technology Park contracted 5 million Euros.

Technology investment meeting, Iran On the sidelines of the “Technology Investment Meeting”, a contract of sailing 700 hemodialysis machines will be signed between Aria Teb Firooz Company and Barakah Medika Nusantera from Indonesia with the presence of the Indonesian Ambassador and representatives of the contracting companies. In this contract, it has been agreed that 700 […]