Ventilator, a Machine to decrease respiratory problems

    Ventilator, a Machine to decrease respiratory problems Nowadays, due to the industrialization of societies, the percentage of respiratory problems has increased. The lung is the internal organ most vulnerable to infection and injury from the external environment because of its constant exposure to particles, chemicals and infectious organisms in ambient air. Globally, at […]

TIM2021 Technology Investment Meeting was held at Azadi Innovation Factory in Tehran

The D8 organization with the aim of joint technological cooperation between Iran and eight Islamic countries (one of the members of TIM2021 event) was held on February 17 and 18, 2016, at Azadi Innovation Factory in Tehran. The event participated by investors and innovators from around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh, Turkey, […]

One of the companies of Pardis Technology Park contracted 5 million Euros.

Technology investment meeting, Iran On the sidelines of the “Technology Investment Meeting”, a contract of sailing 700 hemodialysis machines will be signed between Aria Teb Firooz Company and Barakah Medika Nusantera from Indonesia with the presence of the Indonesian Ambassador and representatives of the contracting companies. In this contract, it has been agreed that 700 […]

TIM2021 Technology Investment Meeting

TIM2021 Technology Investment Meeting; an Opportunity for International Joint VentureReaching out to potential ideas that have a great team to support can be troublesome, especially in the tech field. The TIM meeting offers the best ideas and introduces tech-based startups to international investors with expertise in technology. Startups from different countries express their ideas and […]

Technology Investment Meeting 2021

D-8, also known as Developing-8, is an organization for development cooperation among 8 Islamic countries for regional and global cooperation. Among those countries there is D8TTEN (Technology Transfer Network) which empowers them to share and exchange knowledge and technology in variety of subjects. TIM (Technology Investment Meeting) is held every year to share challenges and […]

CALL FOR ADMISSIONS in teh joint Degree Programmes

D-8 International University is happy to admit students within the framework of three postgraduate Joint Degree Programs in collaboration with Allameh Tabataba’i University (ATU). The programs include:1- PhD Degree in Insurance2-Master Degree in Regional Studies, Central Asia and the Caucasus3- Master Degree in Actuarial ScienceMore information:

Deputy of D8TTEN Secretary visited D8 Organisation for Economic Cooperation.

The Deputy Secretary of the D8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8TTEN), Milad Sadrkhanlou, visited the D8 Organization for Economic Cooperation in Istanbul, Turkey, and met the D8 Secretary-General and D8 Director on 23rd December 2020. The visit aims to boost synergism and promote cooperation with the D-8 secretariat based on current potentials.Moreover, developments of […]

5th High Council Virtual Meeting

D-8 TTEN extends its activities and keeps relations with the states between the National Focal Points of each member state. D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8 TTEN) annual meeting in each state called High Council Meeting is an opportunity for the member states’ Focal Points to synergize their latest activities for developing technology, review […]