EEG and EMG : Non-Invasive Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment

Biomedical signals are electrical signals acquired from any organ during its physical or mental activities. This signals are normally function of time and are describable in terms of their amplitudes, frequencies and phases. Electroencephalography (EEG) shows the state of the brain i.e. about the electrical bustle going on in the brain. These electrical activity measure as voltage at different points of brain and are basis of EEG.

Beside EEG, the EMG signal is a biomedical signal that measures electrical currents generated in muscles during its contraction. The nervous system always controls the muscle activity (contraction/relaxation). The EMG signal is a complicated signal because is controlled by the nervous system. EMG signal acquires noise while traveling through different tissues. Moreover, the EMG device, particularly if it is at the surface of the skin, collects signals from different sources at a time which may generate interaction of different signals.

Detection and acquisition of EEG and EMG signals with powerful and advance devices have an important role in various phase of diagnosis, treatment and also biomedical engineering. So, the main reason for interests in EEG and EMG signals are clinical diagnosis and biomedical applications.

Negar Andishgan Co. Ltd. is one of the main manufacturer of Electromyography (EMG), Electroencephalography (EEG) and Long Term EEG Monitoring (LTM) devices and accessories in Iran. Negar Andishgan, with more than 20 years of experiences, designs and produces devices and accessories by considering quality and ease-of-use in order to cover needs of both medical and research centers.

Negad Andishgan has awarded with ISO13485:2016 and ISO9001:2016 standard for “Design and Manufacture of Electromyography (EMG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) Unit”. Also, the EEG and EMG products of Negar Andishgan are certified by National Medical Device Directorate (IMED) of Iran.

ISO13485:2016 and ISO9001:2016 standard for “Design and Manufacture of Electromyography (EMG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) Unit”

5000Q Products Series

The company have designed and manufactured various products in the field of EEG and EMG. Main products include EEG3520, EEG3480, EEG3480 Portable , EMG4000S and 5000Q product series for EMG and EEG. The 5000Q series include EMG/NCV/EP-5000Q and EEG-5000Q for long term EEG.


EMG/NCV/EP 5000Q is a full featured diagnostic EMG system with a low noise high performance amplifier and state-of-the-art software features. This system can be configured for 2 channels (configuring for 4 channels is optional). In the following, there is the list of tests which can be taken:

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EMG/NCV/EP 5000Q Software Environment

This product have a unique software feature for defining any protocol, called “Protocol Wizard”, which help researchers to do new tests and protocols. The wizard features are as follow:

Technical Specification of the EMG/NCV/EP-5000Q are listed below:

Power Requirements: Input 100-220 volts 50Hz/60HZ, Approx. 500VA max (dependant on configuration)

EEG 5000Q- Long Term EEG

EEG 5000Q has all you need for a long term video EEG monitoring solution. It aimed for monitoring and recording brain electrical activities in long term mode to help professionals in diagnosing neural diseases. It is a strong, high quality, and user friendly EEG system for working in the hospitals and epilepsy centers. It has all user needs to monitor and analyze brain activity in long term mode with strong amplifier, easy to use and flexible configuration on 24, 32, 64 and 128 channels.

E:\Salar\Company\\Ghad-Beigi\Basiri\D-8 Products\My\7- EEG-EMG\4-300x174.jpg

64 channel EEG amplifier

The EEG 5000Q has all the features of the EEG 3480 (Routine EEG), plus the following to become a reliable long term EEG:

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EEG 5000Q

EEG 5000Q Hardware:

Long term EEG Monitoring contains the following parts:

EEG 5000Q Software:

In the following some of the main features and specifications of the EEG 5000Q software package are listed. the software package contains main feature for regular clinical use plus research needs.

  1. Montage manger, montage figure
  2. Automatic and programmable review speed
  3. Re montage, Re filtering, Re sensitivity and time scales

Test results can be reviewed even electronically or in printed format. User has the opportunity in printing selected parts of the recorded signals.


The EEG 5000Q can be used for long term video EEG monitoring of multiple patients, using a configuration such as following. This is just one configuration, and it is fully flexible.


Technical Specifications:

EEG and EMG Accessories

The company also produces a complete range of accessories needed for EEG and EMG application. Collodion hypoallergenic adhesive, Ten20 conductive paste, Skin preparation gel, EEG electrodes, Silver disc-electrode for long-term records of monitoring EEG and also the application with EOG recordings, Ground electrode, which is made of stainless steel, EEG wire and EEG-Cap which is made of silicone and can be adjusted precisely, are some of the main accessories which are offered by the company and can answer complete range of needs.

Pardis Technology Park

In a developing and knowledge based economy supporting infrastructure such as technology parks play an important role. This role is important not only because of micro-economy effects in supporting companies and firms, but also from macro economy approach, these kind of infrastructure converge limited source of countries right to the high tech section and thus resource proficiency will increase.

Pardis Tech Park (PTP), is main hub of innovation and technology in Iran and drive movement toward knowledge based economy. More than 250 knowledge and technology based companies have been supported by PTP under vice-presidency of science and technology of Iran.

E:\Salar\Company\\Ghad-Beigi\Basiri\D-8 Products\My\7- EEG-EMG\Panaroma.jpg

The D8 Technology Exchange Network secretariat placed in Pardis Technology Park, are welcomed collaboration and cooperation to increase synergy between D8 countries science and technology sectors.

Negar Andishgan Co. Ltd have been supported by Pardis Tech Park. For more information about Pardis Technology Park and Negar Andishgan Co. Ltd please refer to references website.

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