Transmission Electron Microscope : Borders of Microscopy

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) use a particle beam of electrons to visualize small size objects and generate a highly-magnified image. TEMs can magnify up to 2 million times. In order to get a better idea of just how small that is, think of how small a cell is. This is the reason why TEMs are so demanding and valuable within the biological and medical researchers.

TEMs employ a high voltage electron beam in order to create an image. An electron gun at the top of a TEM emits electrons that travel through the microscope’s vacuum tube. like a glass lens in light microscopes, the TEM utilizes an electromagnetic lens to focuses the electrons into a very fine beam. This beam then passes through the specimen, which is very thin, and the electrons either scatter or hit a fluorescent screen at the bottom of the microscope. An image of the specimen with its assorted parts shown in different shades according to its density appears on the screen. This image can be then studied directly within the TEM or photographed.  Below Figure shows a diagram of a TEM and its basic parts [1].

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Ara Research Company

Ara Research Co was established in 1998, with the aim of providing the latest technological apparatus needed in nano research and nano applications. The company have developed a highly advanced range of products including Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

ARA-AFM has been in the market since 2014 and 90 systems have already been sold and over 300 credited papers are th result of researches performed in the field of nano technology by the company products. Four different models of Brisk, Bio, Vacuum and educational AFM carrying 14 functional modes of Atomic Force Microscopy fill the AFM basket products of Ara Research Co.

Beside AFM the company have produced very advanced TEM. This new kind of microscope has attractive features of Dark-Field, Bright-Field and SAD with magnification up to 400,000X and power of 50 & 80 KV.

Working with innovative qualified researchers and professional engineers in the past 20 years, has helped Ara Research Co to pave the path towards becoming the top regional-producer in this field.

With the help of experiences in advanced technology, Ara Research Co can serve their costumer high quality and competitive price products comparable to the best known world brands of AFM and TEM. The company awarded main standards and certification including ISO9001, ISO10004, OHSAS and COP.

Also, because of leadership in the field of advanced microscopy, the company has sold AFM and TEM microscopes to universities across Iran, such as Shiraz University, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran University of Science and Technology, Ferdowsi Mashhad University, Islamic Azad University (Science and Technology and Pharmaceutical Branches), Hamedan Science and Technology Park, Research Institute of Food Science and Technology, Lorestan University and Kermanshah University of Technology.

Agile80Transmission Electron Microscope

One of the most advanced product of the company is Agile80 TEM. This microscope is suitable for various field of research specially Biology, Medical Science, Material Science and Engineering Applications. Agile80 high-level technology and stability permits a full range of various applications including:

– Protein and cellular imaging

– Virology

– Pathology

– Biological studies

– Characterization of shape and size of nano-structured materials

– Study on multiphase and compound materials

– Study on structural defects and porosity

– Crystallography


Key features of Agile80 TEM helps researchers to achieve precise results, because any research in nanotechnology need high standards and the company ability in R&D helps them to fit requirements in standards. key features of the microscope are as follow:

Installation Requirements

An advanced instrument or apparatus needs special installation requirements. Due to very sensitive nature of TEM, installation requirements have to carefully advised as follow:

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Agile80 – Transmission Electron Microscope


detailed specifications of Agile80 TEM are as below, the specification fits almost main research category in nanotechnology.

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Pardis Technology Park

Any hi-tech products need special backend infrastructures to become accessible to desired costumer. Technology parks play an important role in innovation and technology development infrastructures. Focusing limited resources directly to advanced technology producers helps decision makers get sensible results, and technology parks converge efforts of all players right to the goal.

In innovation and technology ecosystem of Iran, Pardis Tech Park (PTP) is well-known for its unique position and facilities provided for hi-tech company. Almost 250 knowledge and tech based company directly have been supported by the PTP. Also the PTP under supervision of vice-presidency of science and technology of Iran helps converge all ecosystem players effort and increase value production from science and technology to the society.

The D8 Technology Exchange Network secretariat placed in Pardis Technology Park, are welcomed collaboration and cooperation to increase synergy between D8 countries to overcome problem by providing science and technology solutions.

Ara Research Co have been supported by Pardis Tech Park and this support help them to provide very advanced technology for researchers across Iran and region.
for more information about Pardis Technology Park and Ara Research Co please refer to references website.

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