Importance of Using Electrosurgical Units (ESU) in Surgical Operation

Electrosurgery generator units (ESU)

The concept of using heat as a form of therapy and treatment to stop bleeding has been used for centuries. This was initially known as thermal cautery where tissues were burnt by thermal heat, including steam or hot metal with the intention of destroying damaged or diseased tissue to prevent infections and reduce bleeding.

An electrocautery is the simplest means of stopping blood. These electrocauteries burned tissues using a platinum wire heated by an electric current. Due to their function, they were used only for coagulation.

The term electrosurgery (also called radiofrequency surgery) refers to the passage of high-frequency alternating electrical current through the tissue in order to achieve a specific surgical effect. Although the mechanism behind electrosurgery is not completely understood, heat production and thermal tissue damage is responsible for at least the majority–if not all–of the tissue effects in electrosurgery.

Electrosurgery uses high voltage and high frequency alternating current (AC) and the electrosurgical circuit is composed of an electrical generator or Electrosurgery generator units (ESUs), an active electrode, the patient and a return electrode. Current enters the body because it is included in the circuit and biological tissue provides impedance which results in heat production as the electrons try to overcome this resistance.

Due to needs according to importance of electro surgery mentioned above, Cavendish System Engineering Company, by designing and producing a wide range of electrosurgery devices, has solved the needs of physicians and surgeons for these products.

Kavandish System successfully designed and manufactured the first Iranian-made Electrosurgical Unit. This ESU met the rigorous requirements of international standards and has been approved by the most renowned Iranian surgeons and clinics. Today, company growth to over 50 employees is a testimony to the validity of KavandishSystem's original ambitious goals.
Kavandish is now focused primarily on further expansion and internationalization of the company. Attracting top quality scientists and engineers has assisted Kavandish on its way towards that expansion and internationalization.

Kavandish System was established in 1995. Today, Kavandish is a well-known science-based company in the field of electronics in general and medical devices in particular with a wide range of the most up-to-date HF Electrosurgical Units (ESU) to meet all requirements of modern surgery and owns close to 70% of national market and focusing on growth of 20% export revenue. Innovation, experience, enthusiasm, integrity, commitment, team spirit and professionalism are the key values which shape us as Kavandish System.

(MEG1-R) limited surgery,Skin and beauty

Different Types of electrosurgery machines:


The main features of the product:

  1. Electrosurgery with MHz frequency
  2. For precise cuts with minimal damage and tissue damage
  3. Able to be used for gynecological surgeries
  4. Skin, beauty, eyes, ears, throat, nose and dentistry
  5. CE certified

List of standard accessories:

(APC SYSTEM) Argon gas plasma coagulation system for liver surgeries


The main features of the product:

  1. Electrosurgery with the ability of vessel sealing technique, Argon plasma and endoscopy
  2. Can be used in open, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries
  3. To block all vessels with a diameter of less than 7mm
  4. For fast coagulation of tissue without direct contact with tissue by using argon gas
  5. Has two separate pedals for Bipolar and Monopolar
  6. CE certified

Iconic IS410S

(MEG1-E) Endoscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP


The main features of the product:

  1. Electrosurgery for specialized gastrointestinal surgeries
  2. Has advanced Endo Cut modes for controlled cuts
  3. Can be used in Polypectomy and ERCP surgeries
  4. Has APC capability in endoscopic and colonoscopic surgeries
  5. Optimal and practical modes for specialized gastrointestinal surgeries
  6. CE certified

Common Features:

Common Feature of electrosurgery machines which are described above, are as follow:

Comparison between technical details of main products of Kavendish has shown in the following table.

Product Name Technical Details
(MEG1-R) limited surgery,Skin and beauty
  • Main Voltage: 220 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 2 Arms
  • Protection Class: Class I
  • Type of Output: BF
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions (W.H.D): 37.1 x 15.9 x 46.5 cm
(APC SYSTEM) Argon gas plasma coagulation
  • Main Voltage: 220 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
  • Maximum Current Consumptioan: 4.5 A (rms)
  • Fundamental Frequency: 410 kHz ± 1%
  • Modulation frequency: 25 kHz
  • Weight: 9.0 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 44 x 17 x 40 cm
Iconic IS410S
  • Main Voltage: 220 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz or 110 VAC ± 10%, 50~60 Hz
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 800 V.A
  • Protection Class: Class I
  • Type of Output: CF
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions (W.H.D): 44 x 17 x 40 cm
  • Output Characteristics

Also, considering that this machine is produced in most Islamic countries which are the members of D8 can work together to produce this machine in other parts of the world and this synergy in the form of d-8 organization for economic cooperation will enable them to produce more and with better quality. In Iran, Pardis technology park which is considered as the largest technology park in the country with the aim of supporting and investing in the development of technology companies has supported more than 250 technology and knowledge-based companies in the fields of advanced technologies such as information and communication technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, mechanics and automation.

Cavendish System Company, which is a manufacturer of electrosurgery products, is one of the companies of Pardis Park and the customers who want to buy this machine will be supported by the park.

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