Green Technology : Elevator Drives
First application of electric engine for elevators applied by German inventor Werner von Siemens, In 1880. Many advances have been done since then. Increasing motor and drive performance and reducing power consumption and size has brought to elevator industry by development on new technologies.
Electronic control systems introduced in the lifts since 1960s, and have increased the ride comfortably and have allowed faster installation and configuration.
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Because of various demand in the industry for vast kind of motors used in elevators and changes in voltage and power supply frequency by electricity distribution companies, solid state elevators drives play an important role in reliability and safety of elevators. There is two main groups of engines :

In any technical application, both in industry and in civil field, there is always a special attention towards energy saving. In the 80s, DC motors were abandoned, because during the braking phase they harvest energy from the network. Every new technology will be supported only if it decreases energy consumption.
Due to importance of advanced elevators direct drive technology, Saba Barque Tavan Electric Systems Inc have focused on research and development of these kind of electric drives since 2012. Providing high quality products for international markets have set the company aim and they want to reach that by attending to the quality of power control equipment. They have always focused on consumer satisfaction as their main asset.
Saba Barque Tavan Electric Systems Inc
In 2012, Saba Barque Tavan (SBT) Electric Systems Inc stepped into the industry with the aim of building a lift drive for the first time in the Middle East and exporting high quality products to other countries in next step. The company got started with a team of elites and graduates from the best technological universities and now they are the primary provider of lift drives in different types in the Middle East.
By providing high quality products and strong support, the company have reached this popularity on lift drives,  that made them the first innovator brand in  the Middle East market of power control equipment. They are proud to offer customers high quality products and best warranty options to ensure that customers are satisfied.
In order to provide an efficient and reliable product for various industrial needs, beside production of lift drives, the company has succeeded in producing many kinds of electric drives in wide ranges of powers for induction motors and PM motors. These products cover so kind of applications such as automation, machining, air conditioning, pumps and fans, mining, energy, etc.
Now, after years of producing primary products and gaining extensive experience in the industry, SBT electric has taken an important step towards exporting its products to international markets. The company with more than 7 years of experience in the industry, more than 25000 installed drives, about 30 business partner and over 200 satisfied customers offers costumer best values in the field.
Electric Drive Products
The company produces a variety kind of drives and related products. Drives are categorized in two main group and some sub-group, SBT-L1000 and SBT-L450. Bellow table has shown main specification of 3-phase series of the company elevator drives. for single phase specifications please refer to the company website.

Properties Description
SBT-L1000 SBT-L450
Motor Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 7.5 11
Input Voltage (V) 3-phase 380V / 50 -60 Hz
Output Voltage (V) 3-phase 0~380V / 0 ~ 100 Hz
Rated Current (A) 14 18 24 31 18 24
Weight (Kg) 5.3 5.4 5.7 6.0 5.4 5.7

SBT-L1000 Series
Main features of SBT-L1000 series (including single and three phases) elevator drives are as follow:

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SBT-L1000 elevator Drive
Also, the company offers long-term warranty and can supply in global markets. They use high-quality European-made parts and is the only Iranian drive which are available for gearless and high-pole-number motor control. Full compatibility even at high frequency, parallel processing using powerful U.S made FPGAs, and compatibility with all encoder cards are another unique specification of SBT-L1000 series elevator drives.
SBT-L450 Series
Another elevator drive series are SBT-L450. These products are focused on smart features such as Closed-loop vector control and Closed-loop control without using an encoder cards. The SBT-L450 product series have no need for auxiliary encoder and smooth, vibration-free operation and precision level stop are other features of these series of the company products. One of the main unique features of SBT-L450 series is the capability of identifying the optimal travel path in rescue mode. Main features of SBT-L450 series (both single and three phases) elevator drives are listed below:

E:SalarCompanystartup-plus.irGhad-BeigiBasiriD-8 ProductsMy5 - Elevator DrivesL450.jpg
SBT-L450 Elevator Drive
Certificates and Standards
Working in high-tech industry need highly specific standards and certificates. SBT Inc features to obtain these requirements are as follow:

According to above requirements the company have awarded following standards and certifications:

Pardis Technology Park Infrastructure
One of the main requirement of a knowledge based economy is supporting infrastructures such as science and technology park. Important role of these kind of infrastructures on all stages of a product or service development is clear. Due to the fact that they help decision maker to distribute limited resources and converge them to the aim directly and thus this infrastructures help resource proficiency increase.
Pardis Tech Park (PTP), is main hub of innovation and technology in Iran and mange to facilitate movement toward knowledge based economy. More than 250 knowledge and technology based firms have been supported by PTP under vice-presidency of science and technology of Iran

The D8 Technology Exchange Network secretariat placed in Pardis Technology Park, are welcomed collaboration and cooperation to increase synergy between D8 countries science and technology sectors.
Saba Barque Tavan Inc have been supported by Pardis Tech Park as one the best R&D center and Technology Park in the MENA.
for more information about Pardis Technology Park and Saba Barque Tavan Inc please refer to references website.

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