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    EEG and EMG : Non-Invasive Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment Biomedical signals are electrical signals acquired from any organ during its physical or mental activities. This signals are normally function of time and are describable in terms of their amplitudes, frequencies and phases. Electroencephalography (EEG) shows the state of the brain i.e. about […]

Pentavalent Vaccine


    Pentavalent Vaccine and its Effect on Healthcare The World Health Organization (WHO) considers infant vaccination the most influential health intervention for promoting a healthy society. Infant vaccination programs have been merged into public health service networks from their starting point in Iran. With 98% of infants vaccinated, it has brought great success in […]

Government to introduce cash prize scheme for shoppers

Government to introduce cash prize scheme for shoppers Minister of Pakistan for Finance and Revenue Shoukat Tarin in Jun 12 said the government had decided to introduce a cash prize scheme worth of Rs 250 million per month for the common consumers or shoppers, encouraging them to ensure receiving of authentic receipt from the shopkeepers. […]