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Hemodialysis machines filter wastes and water from blood, as healthy kidneys clean blood and remove extra fluid in the form of urine. Dialysis replaces some of these functions when your kidneys no longer work. There are two different types of dialysis: Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis helps balance important minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium and control blood-pressure.
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Unfortunately, national increase of cases of Diabetes Mellitus and High Blood Pressure has led to significant increase in rates of kidney disease in recent years across world and Iran. Hemodialysis is common alternative treatment for patients with late stage Chronic Kidney Disease / CKD and End Stage Renal Disease / ESRD or End Stage Kidney Disease / ESKD.
Advanced technology and basic-science behind Hemodialysis machine are available in a few countries including: the USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan and Italy. In practice, developing and increasing the capacity of dialysis beds and consumables required for dialysis treatment are dependent on supply of equipment and materials and technical support by companies located in these advanced country and it could be expensive and requires relatively high foreign exchange resources.
As mentioned above, due to importance of Hemodialysis and increase in the number of kidney related diseases which could lead to malfunction and because of demand to increase life standards of related patient, a group of private share holder and researchers decided to establish Aria Teb Firouz company in 2013. The company invest in design and fabrication of Hemodialysis machine and try to compensate these shortages as best as they can and also has localized this valuable technology in Iran.
Because of complex nature and high level medical standards of Hemodialysis machine, the company invest resources to obtain technical knowledge and create facilities for manufacturing Hemodialysis machines. The company register their own brand as the ninth global brand, and promote Iran as the fifth country in the world which produces hemodialysis machines.
Aria Teb Firouz is the only manufacturer of Hemodialysis machine in Iran and the Middle East and according to the utilization license, granted by Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in July 2017, has the capacity and permit for producing one thousand units of ATF 1022 hemodialysis machines per year.
ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machine
Main feature of the company's Hemodialysis machine, ATF-1022, are as follow:

ATF-1022 Hemodyalisis Machine
Technical specifications of the ATD-1022 Hemodialysis Machine are shown in the following table:

Dialysis Solution Temperature 34 to 39
Concentration/density of dialysis solution 12 to 16 mS/cm
Concentration/density of bicarbonate solution 2 to 5 mS/cm
Dialysis fluid flow rate 300 to 800 mL /min
Controlling the dewatering process 0.1 to 1.5 L /hr
Intravenous pressure -100 to 400 mmHg
Transmembrane Pressure  (TMP) -50 to 600 mmHg
Blood flow rate 50 to 700 mL /min
Heparin injection rate 0.1 to 10 mL /hr

Aria Teb Firouz History and Capacities
In October 2015, ATF Co. received, manufacturing permit from “Office of Medical Equipment and Supplies in Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education for production of ATF-1022 hemodialysis machines. Due to undergoing clinical cross over tests with thirty-six/36 participating patients and in comparison to similar hemodialysis machines from famous international brands (Fresenius and B-Braun of Germany), at Tehran University of Medical Sciences Nephrology Research Center and Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences Nephrology and Urology Research Center“, in May and September 2016, ATF-1022 hemodialysis machine received certificates for routine operation and utilization at dialysis centers throughout Iran.
In late 2016 and early 2017, the company launched public sales of hemodialysis machines. So far, 72 devices have been installed and operated at public and private dialysis centers, including Tehran Imam Khomeini General Hospital, Amir A’lam General Hospital and Bangar Hospital in Sarpol-e Zahab town in Kermanshah Province, Iran.
The company also have vision to become a successful exporting company which could bring values to neighbor at first step. They have exported a batch of ATF-1022 Hemodialysis machines to Afghanistan and have installed them at the Afghani Aria Hospital Dialysis Center, and therefore the company has joined the group of advanced medical equipment exporters.
Currently, production line for ATF 1022, with a capacity of 1,000 machines per year, has been set up at the Pardis Technology Park and as an example of a knowledge based product by Arya Teb Firouz Company (subsidiary of SALAM Medical Equipment Group), has successfully passed stages of design, fabrication and commercialization.
The company Also have received some national and international certificates and standards, including: Iran Medical Device Registration Certificate, Management System Certificate (ISO-9001:2015), Medical Device Quality Management System (ISO-13485:2016) for design, manufacture, installation, sales and after sale services of Hemodiaalysis machine, reverse osmosis purification water machine for dialysis use and dialysis chair.
Iran Medical Device Registration Certificate for ATF-1022 hemodialysis machine
Aria Teb Firouz ISO-9001:2015 Certificate
Aria Teb Firouz ISO-13485:2016 Certificate
Considering that this machine is produced in few countries and the company are welcomed to launch manufacturing line in collaboration with other members of D-8 or export products. This synergy in the form of D-8 organization for economic cooperation will enable collaborators cooperation to produce more reliable and with better quality products.
In Iran, Pardis technology park is playing an important role to form and support knowledge-based and high-tech economy. Until now, at least 250 technology and knowledge-based companies has supported by Pardis technology park infrastructure in the field of advanced technologies such as information and communication technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, mechanics and automation.
Aria Teb Firouz, is one of the companies located and supported by Pardis Technology Park and customers who want to buy this machine will be supported by the Park.

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