10 collaborating agreements

10 agreements were signed with Malaysia in the Turkish defense industry.10 collaborating agreements with Malaysian companies and organizations for information sharing, technology transfer and joint production in various fields (LIMA 2019) were signed

Turkish Defense Industrial Companies Signed 10 Certificates of collaboration with Malaysian Companies and Organizations at Langkawi International Maritime and Aviation Exhibition.

The products of Turkish defense industry were exhibited from 20th up to 30th of March in LIMA 2019.

In this exhibition which was held with the presence of senior managers of Malaysian officials, Ismaeel Damir, the head of Turkish defense industry, Muhsin Dere the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Mero Safa Kavakchi, the ambassador of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur and the Turkish Defense Industrial Companies.in the first 3 days of this exhibition the experts of the industry which was mentioned and Turkish companies signed 10 collaboration agreements were signed with Malaysian companies and organizations.

Demir’s remarks came on the sidelines of another major international event, the 2019 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2019), in Malaysia.

Leading companies in the Turkish defense industry are showcasing their products and services at the event, which is the Asia-Pacific Region’s most important exhibition in its field.

On the sidelines of the fair, a memorandum of understanding on cooperation was signed between Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Association, followed by another deal inked between one of the leading Turkish defense manufacturers, ROKETSAN, and Pyrotechnical Ordnance Malaysia SDN.BHD.

Demir was quoted by Anadolu Agency (AA) as saying that Malaysia and Southeast Asia are among the target regions in terms of export and cooperation for the defense industry, stressing the importance of knowing the point the Turkish defense industry has reached so far in exports.

Turkey’s total defense and aerospace exports saw a 35.3 percent year-on-year increase in the first two months of this year, reaching $346.5 million, according to the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM).

As a result of accelerating efforts, sector export performance in 2018 increased by 17 percent compared to 2017. The industry broke its own record of $1.7 billion in November and moved the record to $2.03 billion at the end of the year.

In marine field a collaboration for Ship design with technology deposit agency (Berhad-TDA) and Kuala Lumpur University was signed through Istanbul (Ticaret AŞ) Shipbuilding and (Boustead Langkawi) shipbuilding. In line with these signatures, Turkish companies are expected to participate in the construction and design of ships and boats with Malaysia.


Turkish products were introduced in the exhibition:

•Turkish aerospace Company (TUSAŞ), (ASELSAN), (Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret AŞ (STM), (HAVELSAN), (ROKETSAN)

•Military factories and commercial companies, Tersane (ASFA) and (TAIS)     introduced their products and services to the defense industry in the exhibition.

•TAI, Ankara’s drone

•Tactical detector helicopter

•Target helicopter

•Advanced training aircraft

•Light attack aircraft

•Armed reconnaissance aircraft and national martial aircraft

•ASELSAN, introduced its products which were, Remote weapon control systems, Tank modernization solutions, Communication systems and anti-UAV systems

•STM exhibited, offshore platforms and Kamikaze UAV systems

•HAVELSAN introduced, naval combat systems, Simulators and Cyber Security and Information Technology Products.

•Javeline Laser guided missile, UMTAS

•Anti-tank missile, L-UMTAS long-range anti-tank missile, OMTAS short-range

•Anti-tank missile, SOM missile, Teber, MAM-L laser guidance kit and MAM-Csmart

•Mini ammunition were exhibited there.

•ASFAT, demonstrated its ability to maintain and repair offshore platforms

•And aircraft manufactured in military shipbuilding.

•TAIS introduced offshore platforms in its portfolio.

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10 collaborating agreements

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10 collaborating agreements

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