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D-8 TTEN Services



TTEN is targeted at assisting technologists in member countries to show their capabilities to the ones in need of technology. As it was stated, an online web portal has been designed to show offers and requests and collect a comprehensive database. In addition, BizTech events (Business-Technology Meetings) have been also designed in which fulfilment of technology needs in the host country have been aimed.



One of the developing tools for technology owners and companies’ directors is to know how to step in the technology world as a receiver or provider, behave as a professional and manage the opportunities and risks. This is not achievable unless once well is trained and clarified and subsequently experienced during the life of company. Considering such a sensitive element, TTEN is trying to bring solutions and provide members with the latest approaches by creating training chances for technologists. The Secretariat would support the participation of member countries in international workshops that are assessed and approved.



Technology oriented exhibitions held annually in member countries are marketing instruments for capable companies to demonstrate their technologies and products. That’s why it has been ratified by D-8 member countries to provide special facilities for TTEN partners to take part in confirmed exhibitions such as International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2017) held annually in Iran.

Also, during the D-8 Senior Officials Meeting for the 5th Ministerial Meeting on Industry in 9-11 May 2016, Cairo, Egypt, within the Technology Task Force, D-8 TTEN Secretariat suggested that a booth exchange can take place in all technology oriented exhibitions and events organized by D-8 countries.



Annually, several technology transfer and exchanges of hi-tech products are taking place among member countries. These transactions require commercialization and financing services. One of the main goals of TTEN is to plan to reach at a state that could fulfill needs of technologists within member countries. In this way, providing the countries with financing credit line to eligible related contracts is planned by the secretariat.





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