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Focal Points


D-8 organization for economic cooperation is composed of eight industrial countries namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. D-8 TTEN as a technology platform among D-8 Members is getting connection with related entities in member countries and is a network of countries regarding technological concentrations.

In this regard, D-8 TTEN could construct a network of technology-oriented organizations since its inception and define cooperation with member countries. The following table depicts the entities that TTEN is in connection with.



TTEN Focal Points in Member Countries




Focal Point



Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

(Ministry of S&T)


Academy of Scientific Research & Technology

(Ministry of Scientific Research-MOSR)


Ministry of Communication and Information Technology


Iran National Technomart Center

(Vice Presidency for S&T)


Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

(Technology Transfer and R&D Commercialisation)


National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)

(Ministry of S&T)


Engineering Development Board (EDB)

(Ministry of Industries & Production)


The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

(Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology)






Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)




The glorious journey of Bangladesh council of scientific and industrial research (BCSIR) commenced in 1955 as a multidisciplinary research unit “East regional laboratories of PCSIR. Since then this organization is being involved in performing scientific and industrial research for achieving self-reliance in industrial development. Being the Research and Development (R& D) organization of Bangladesh, BCSIR is conducting R & D works according to the national demand and contributing to accelerate the economic vibrancy for more than 50 years. During this period BCSIR has expanded its domain to three full-fledge multidisciplinary regional laboratories, seven mono disciplinary institutes and one center for pilot plant studies.

To boost up socio-economic development of the country, dedicated scientist and engineers of the council are actively engaged in R & D activities and making significant contributions to the national and international level. BCSIR is conducting R & D projects in different emerging fields of Science and Technology such as: Preclinical rational drug design and development, herbal medicine and natural products, food technology, food safety and toxicology, microbiology, biotechnology and tissue culture, biogas and renewable energy, pulp  paper and biomass processing technology, chemistry and chemical technology, leather research, development and technology, pilot plant and techno-economical study, fiber and polymer , soil and environmental science, chemical metrology, industrial physics and nano technology, glass ceramics and building materials, mining, mineralogy and metallurgy. At present more than 200 R & D projects are being carried out in BCSIR on the above mentioned fields. Based on its R & D BCSIR developed -960 process, accepted patent- 365, process leased out for commercialization -425, product in market -115, research paper published(Both local and international )-5113 and number of lessee -140.

Beyond that, BCSIR is providing many important services to the nation which are mainly development and transfer of technology to entrepreneurs for industrialization, providing technical and analytical supports to the industries, government and non-government organization  , small and medium enterprise(SMEs), conducting different programmes such as dissemination of appropriate technology, organization of science fair, training programs and seminars, supervising and guide MSc., M.Phill and PhD students for their thesis from different universities. BCSIR also implementing various development projects under the annual development program (ADP) of the government and special allocation projects of the Ministry of Science and technology. In addition to these, BCSIR works on some target oriented sponsored projects as per as demand of the entrepreneurs.


The Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT)




ASRT is a non‐profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research, established in September 1971 by the Presidential Decree No 2405 as the national authority responsible for science & technology in Egypt. In 1998, ASRT was reorganized by the Presidential Decree No 377 that defined its mission, function and activities.

ASRT is the Egyptian house of expertise. It brings together outstanding Egyptian scientists and experts from universities, research institutions, private sector, NGOs, policymakers and prominent Egyptian scientists in Diaspora to deliberate country problems, propose and carry out scientific studies and future strategic basic plans to tackle these problems.

ASRT adopts a comprehensive plan for developing Egyptian S&T to support relevant national ministries and research institutions in creating an integrated system of scientific research together for increasing the number of trained scientists in Egypt, and giving science a leading role in the country's development and knowledge based economy.



Iran National Technomart Center



Technomart means technology market, i.e. a place for technology exchange, just as other markets that are places for exchange such as housing market and real estate which deal with housing. Technomart also plays the role of a dealer for transferring information of a technology to clients, entrepreneurs and investors. They also offer consultation in the technology transfer process.

Because of the intricate features of technology transfer, a mechanism is required for information dissemination and consultation as well as paving grounds for standardization of exchange which are undertaken by Technomart. In fact, it plays the role of an intermediate at various levels besides the suppliers (universities, research institutes, R&D and industrial sectors) and clients for technology (large industries, small and medium enterprises, investors and even academia). With this definition it is said that Technomart is a professional agency for technology exchange. In this market the technologists can find an opportunity to display their ideas and technology and find market for their products. Moreover, the technology clients can also find an environment to fulfill their demands.

National Technomart of Iran, supervised by Pardis Technology Park and, as the sole reference of technology information of the country, has been established aiming to meet the information requirements of people who are engaged with commercializing technology and, technology exchange and also, to assist solving the problems of commercializing the innovations.

For the next step, the executing actions including; designing technology database, website, CD representing products and plan of Technomart building came into concern.

At the present time, National Technomart of Iran has been established as the first and the biggest technology database in Iran and, has set the management of technology market as its main duty.

The goals of Technomart are:



Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Technology Transfer and R&D Commercialisation office)



The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, abbreviated MOSTI, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for sciencetechnologyinnovationspace sciencechemistrynuclearmeteorologicalstandardsatomic energyremote sensingdesigntechnology parkbiotechnologyastronauticscyber securitynanotechnologyventure capitalventure debtAIDSresearch.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization of R & D Office





National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)



In this present era of globalization and liberalization in the world economy, a nation must be able to harness her ideas, inventions, innovations and creative works towards technological advancement and global competitiveness. To nurture national talents, Nigeria requires identification of her researchers and inventors; creation of an enabling environment and to initiate strategies to protect all the stakeholders and their creative works. The Federal Government of Nigeria, in recognition and appreciation of the above facts, established Federal Ministry of Science and Technology with its various parastatals and agencies to carry out such activities. The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is one of these parastatals.

NOTAP's Mission and statutory mandates are clearly stated on this website. Our activities include Evaluation/Registration of Technology Transfer Agreements; Promotion of Intellectual Property; Technology Advisory and Support Services; Commercialization of R& D Results; Research Industry Linkage; Maintenance of a Compendium on R&D activities in the country; Production and Publication of Industrial Project Profiles on SMEs, etc. It is my humble belief that NOTAP, through its current and future activities, backed with dedicated and efficient personnel, adequate Government support and funding, would take this country to greater heights scientifically and technologically.



Engineering Development Board (EDB)



The Engineering Development Board (EDB) is the apex government body under Ministry of Industries & Production entrusted to strengthen engineering base in Pakistan. EDB focuses primarily on the development of engineering goods and services sector on modern lines enabling it to become technologically sound and globally integrated.

Engineering Development Board provides the following free of cost advisory services in setting up engineering & industrial related business ventures:




The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)



TÜBTAK was founded in 1963. It is a “related” institution of the Prime Ministry governed by its own by laws.

TÜB‹TAK’s  Areas of Activity



Member States


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