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The elimination of environmental hazardous pollutants of solid wastes derived from tannery effluent treatments

Solid waste derived from effluent treatment mechanisms were used to be buried underground. Because of significant increase of leather production and causing chronic environmental issues, this disposal’s method of solid waste is no longer serviceable. This sludge has the following characteristics: 1- Over 90% of the tanning processes in Iran are carried out with chromium salts. Thus, this sludge contains a high concentration of Cr(III). 2- The effluents from different processes of leather manufacturing are directed and loaded into a general sedimentation pit or tank. 3- The solid waste contains a negligible amount of Cr(VI). 4- It is estimated that about 10000 tons of wet solid waste containing the solid content of 25% is obtained each month from both sedimentation pit of leather manufacturing factories and main effluent refinery facility of Charmshahr industrial city. The results of wastewater analysis from the sedimentation pit of leather manufacturing factories are enclosed with this paper. The burring process of solid waste containing chrome and other pollutants in the environment will cause contamination of rivers and aquifers. Thus, recovery of solid waste from leather manufacturing effluents has become the first priority of leather industry at this moment.
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Heterogeneity of silver master batch in plastic injection process

In silver plastic products, propylene (Granul) mixed with silver Tests
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Eliminate foot odor in plastic(Artificial leather) shoes

No change in the production line No increase in prices The proposed solution must be suitable for mass production
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Production completion of industrial and nutritional Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Chloride .
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