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Compnay PNF Co.
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Environmental aspects Others
Transfer Terms Technical services
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Title of technology Pulse electrical explosion

Pulse Electrical Explosion maker employs high electric voltage and current to produce metallic and metal oxide nanoparticle in gas media. The primary bulk wire is converted into nano powder via explosive process. In this technology, any type of thin conductive wire canbe transformed into nanoparticle. PNC Co. is producing PEE maker in two models PEE10K and PEE50K. The former is in laboratory scale and latter is in industrial scale.

Development Status Fully Commercialized
Technical specification please, see the catalog
Advantages • The most affordable method among the all methods applied to produce Nano particles. • High productivity • Massive production. • Environmental friendly. • Ability of producing the great range of materials.
Tests Product is completed
Legal Protection Others
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