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Title of technology Hire spect Animal Imaging
HiReSPECT® is a revolutionary Imaging System that upgrades & transforms your clinical SPECT camera into a high resolution, high sensitivity, SPECT Animal lmager. By using our proprietary platform, you can now get high-quality animal images at fast speeds than your camera was ever
designed for animal SPECT imaging.
The need to study dynamic biologic processes in intact small animal models of disease has stimulated the development of high resolution nuclear imaging methods. These methods are capable of clarifying molecular interactions important in the onset and progression of disease, assessing the biologic relevance of drug candidates and potential imaging
agents, and monitoring therapeutic effectiveness of pharmaceuticals serially within a single-model system.
HiReSPECT® is the new dedicated small animal SPECT system for high resolution in-vivo animal imaging.
Development Status Fully Commercialized
Technical specification he two gamma camera heads attach to separate linear translation stages allowing the focal distance of the cameras to be varied easily and independently. - Animal-Horizontal Orientation, Animal is stationary, detectors revolve. - Images small animals (mice/rat/rabbit) - The gantry is available on a wheeled platform incorporating a back-up power supply allowing it to be moved between laboratories. - HiReSPECT uses high performance and reliable dual head configuration (can upgrade till four heads) with the possibility of head rotation for imaging bigger animals such as rat and rabbit.
Advantages Due to the ultra-high gamma detection yield, a wide variety of isotopes can be imaged. The system is suitable for a wide range of applications including Cardiology, Neuroscience, Immunology, and Oncology and infection biology. The pharmaceutical industries and research centers will profit from SPECT system as they accelerate drug and biomarker development by yielding more reliable in vivo results and cost effective study design.
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