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Area of application

photovoltaic modules

High module conversion efficiency up to 16.7 percent with superior component usage Pekintas Energy is producing PV modules for the customer’s long-term benefit. The company aims to get customer satisfaction by providing them the right products with the high quality, efficiency and the competitive price by combining Schmid Group’s knowhow in PV industry and Pekintas Group’s experience in construction. Positive power output of 4,9W tolerance ensures maximum energy yield. ENHANCED RELIABILITY Three bus bar design enhances cell reliability and reduces series resistance IMPROVED POWER OUTPUT Excellent performance under low light (morning evening cloudy days) Tested and approved cells, tempered front glass and solid aluminum frames, used in the modules produced by Pekintas Energy, allow the module to operate reliably under various conditions. Every module is tested in factory, in accordance with the international standards, and only the modules which have satisfactory results are sent to the customers.
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CSP Tower System

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is one of the most promising solar thermal power generating systems. The use of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is advantageous due to its high efficiency, high power density and its nature for zero pollution long-term, low-maintenance operation. Greenway’s CSP Tower system represents a fairly simple technology which, due to its modularity is flexible and could be built as grid connected unit in medium/large size plants with outputs up to hundreds of MW.
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consultancy and engineering services

Ekodenge is also experienced in software development for environment and energy related analytics, data mining, and artificial intelligence based forecasting in sustainable process industry and buildings. Integrating the academic and research oriented sustainability expertise; Ekodenge’s interdisciplinary team of environmental, chemical, industrial, computer, mechanical, electrical sciences, civil engineers, planners and architects, with Masters and PhD degrees, also has EU and international project key expert references with project management skills, where some of them are certified energy and LCA consultants.
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Fuel Cell Development and New properties enhancement opportunities

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Development of Portable Commercial Fiber Glass Biogas Digester

Family size biogas plant dissemination throughout the country
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