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Area of application

Crystal menthol

Menthol uses as a flavouring agent in tooth pastes, candies-chewing gums and mouth was. This is also used as an ingredient in a number of medicinal preparation like ointments, pain balm, cough syrups, cough lozenges and tablets, rheumatic, local anesthesia and as a flvouring agent in a number of baverages and other items live tobacco, cigarettes etc.
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Copper sulphate from spent lime liquor.

Tanning area of any place of the country
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Herbal Hand Wash

This is especially important for people who handle food or use to work at the medical field, but it is also as a good practice for the general public. People can become infected with respiratory illness such as influenza or the common cold for example, if they don`t wash hands before touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
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Herbal shaving Foam

The product is applied to the face or wherever else hair grows to privide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving
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