Crystal menthol

Compnay Not yet leased out Environmental aspects Cleaner Production Transfer Terms Others Target countries All the countries After-sale services: To be agreed Cooperation Approach Technology Licensing Title of technology Crystal menthol Description Development Status LaboratoryModel Technical specification Mentha arvensis herb – Stem

Preparation of Modern Diabetic Food

  Company ┬áModern Diabetic Food Product Ltd Development Status Fully Commercialized Technical specification Red wheat grain soyabean cake and barley grains mixed at a specific ratio Advantages Inexpensive and easily available raw materials High protein and fibre content Low sugar content Palatable

Robotic rehabilitation

Company : Pedasys Co Description We are developing some product and soloutions in the field of robotic rehabilitation. Our first output is a clinical robotic exoskeleton that can give the paraplegyc patients, the ability of walking again. The next ideas in our team

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